How mobile apps change the event business

Why do we need applications in the event industry

In order to improve the quality of networking, event managers actively use the smartphones of the participants in their events and urge them to use them for a more active search for connections. However, this is not the only application of smartphones for eventers: developers are already creating industry-specific business solutions that allow optimizing specific business processes, automating work, and getting more revenue.

Mobile solutions for event managers are a fully established market. In Europe there is an active competition between domestic and foreign developments. At the same time, you can distinguish your segments in the market.

Applications-gliders and checklists. Example: Eventum, MobilePlanner, DoubleDutch.

Services, sharpened to search for participants. Example: Timepad.

Chats participants. Example: MeYou.

“Event guides” for interaction between organizers, speakers, sponsors and participants. Example: Eventlook, Omyconf.

The benefits and benefits of using event-solutions at their events will be appreciated not only by professional organizers. Applications allow you to more effectively organize and conduct all kinds of trainings (from language courses to yoga classes), events of educational institutions (open days), public events (city days), corporate events and team-building programs.

For example, among our clients a large share is not represented by the organizers, but specifically by the marketing and HR departments of the corporations, whose duties include the organization of intra-corporate events.

What could be an application for an inventory? At the moment, applications allow you to help event organizers in the following areas.


  1. A convenient and inexpensive way to inform participants

The mobile application is a new alternative to printed booklets. They save money and time on printing materials (program, information about speakers, partners) and forget about the problem of reprinted or under-printed materials.

If something has changed in the event materials (program, composition of participants, location of events), then in the mobile application everything changes instantly in one click.

Any unlimited amount of information for participants can be added to the application. For example, the bus schedule from the subway to the venue of the event or the lunch menu.


  1. Networking and increased audience involvement

Most mobile applications provide organizers with the opportunity to actively engage the audience through various tools, such as:

member activity ratings

conducting online surveys of the hall,

questioning participants

Evaluation of speakers and reports.

questions from the audience

In 99% of cases, new customers ask about these options. Such functions can significantly increase the attention of the audience of the event and its activity.

A variety of tools, such as online surveys, allow for more contextual conversations with visitors. The opinion of the participants is always necessary and important to take into account, because it was for them that the event was organized.

It is important that not only the interaction between the organizers, advertisers and participants, but also between the participants themselves is changing, because networking is the key motivation to attend the conference.

Most of the mobile applications for organizing events allow the organizers to create a kind of temporary social network between the participants of the event, and the participants quickly “break the ice” and get the necessary contacts.


  1. Application as a sales channel

The application can become a full-fledged ticket sales channel: for the mobile Internet, all the same digital marketing tools are applicable as for the “traditional” Internet.

There is a more interesting use of the functions of the mobile application. For example, many organizers have resorted to sending push messages a day or even hours before an event for additional contact with those who could forget about the event or are in the process of deciding whether to go to the event or not.

For organizers of internal corporate events, this function allows to reduce the number of “no-shows” and those who have forgotten about the event or lost on the way.

According to the organizers of events using our service, usually a Push message sent out in time adds 1.5-3% of the participants.

  1. Save time

Mobile application saves time at all stages of event preparation. Time, as always, the organizers just barely enough.

Instant information to the participants via push-messages replace mailings and telephone calls. And this is the clock, if not the days of time.

Avoiding mailings and telephone calls is especially relevant when the program is constantly changing due to changes in speaker plans, diseases, etc. The newsletter allows you to inform about changes in the program, schedule, time and location of activities in real time.

Mobile application replaces handouts. No need to spend time on their preparation, printing, delivery. All materials and comprehensive information can be reflected in the mobile application.


  1. Monetization

One of the main focuses of developers is to help event organizers make more money. For this, solution providers offer several options, of which the standard ones are:

Push ads

Information on sponsors in the relevant sections of the application

Embedding advertising in polls

It is significant that applications completely change the approach to the interaction between the organizer and the sponsor. If earlier it was about the ephemeral presence of the sponsor at the event, reputation or image promotion, now the sponsor can clearly see how many participants came to his page in the application, clicked the link to go to the site, saw the Push message and so on.