Best dell laptops: review 2021

If you are going to buy a new laptop, then Dell can always be your ideal solution. The company has been making decent laptops for many years, and here you can find an option with any characteristics and in any price range. Also, in recent years, the company Dell exceeds its limits and produces completely new and unique devices with unreal design and construction.

In this article, we did a review on the best Dell laptops for 2021.

Dell XPS 15 Review

The Dell XPS 15 was released in 2020 and may seem like a bit of an expensive option for the average student. But there’s no denying the fact that this model is just perfect for creative work.

The Dell XPS 15 successfully combines powerful performance and sleek design with a slim body. Notebook absorbed the best features that only can be in such a device, it, for example:

  • A high-quality and bright display of 500 nit
  • A user-friendly keyboard
  • Powerful speakers
  • Great trackpad

If you are a professional in the field of design or any other creative profession, you will certainly appreciate these qualities and take this model to heart.

Alienware M15 R3 Overview

Specifically, the Alienware line is considered one of the best on the market, and by early this year, the most beloved model of many users has returned to store shelves and gotten even better.

The Alienware M15 R3 has the best built-in gaming hardware, but its configurations are also quite expensive. If you have the extra money, you can invest it and you definitely won’t regret it.

The laptop has a high level of build and display quality and refreshes rate, but its design may seem strange to some, but that is highly subjective.

Dell XPS 13 Review

The XPS models have never disappointed and have always been preferred in the market. The Dell XPS 13 is certainly among them. It has a great package, has a bright display, and good battery life. Of course, its quality is completely in line with the price tag, but for those who are determined to make a worthwhile purchase, this will hardly be an obstacle.

Alienware m17 R4 Review

The Alienware m17 R4 is a 2021 gaming laptop that has already taken the top spot among the best laptops on the market.

The laptop has incredibly powerful performance and is great at playing even AAA class games. It also has an unusually thick chassis and lots of RGB lighting. It also has a high price, and the minus can be highlighted as a little bit low battery life.

Dell Latitude 7490 Review

No one may have bothered with the design of the Dell Latitude 7490, but its specs will pleasantly impress everyone. It has high performance, a fairly long battery life, and surprisingly large amounts of memory and storage.

Dell XPS 17 Review

The Dell XPS 17 has a 17-inch screen but manages to remain incredibly portable and lightweight. But in addition to its successful design, the laptop also boasts of its construction. This model offers you a large screen that displays a great picture and long battery life and a very tempting price. Everything any buyer needs.