What is ALFIEE?

Venue events planning app for booking guestlist, bottle service and much moreALFIEE is the premier entertainment and social event management app that aims to change the dated nightlife management practices. Our mission is to simplify communication between promoters, staff, management and clients and eliminate inefficiencies, make events more accessible to those who seek them, and enable event creators and managers in their social marketing. Our team has an eclectic experience mix of venue management, ownership, promoting, and software development.

We are ALFIEE and we hope to bring you closer to the best the city has to offer.

Event planning app for all your events and venue - Alfiee AppSafe, Secure and in the Clouds

At ALFIEE, we take privacy and security of data seriously. You can be sure that your venue and clientele data remain private and for your use only.

Our cloud infrastructure allows for data to be stored offsite and out of reach. Theft, Fire, Natural Disasters will not result in your valuable data being lost.




Event planning app for all your events and venue - Alfiee AppEvent Planning

Use our simple interface to manage and create your one off or repeating events directly on the app. Your promoters and staff will get instant access to Guest List and Bottle Service days or months in advnace. Giving your venue an advantage over your competitors.

  • In App Event Creation & Management
  • Upload your flyer
  • Your site automatically is updated
  • Keep track of incoming bookings

Event planning app for all your events and venue - Alfiee AppGuest List

Live and Real-Time digital guest list is a reliable way of keeping track of the attending guests. The traditional paper or spread sheet method is a way of the past.

Our easy interface makes entering guest list by promoters, staff and online quick and easy. With only a few clicks the guest is added from anywhere for any of your events.

Event planning app for all your events and venue - Alfiee AppBottle Service

Manage all your bottle service requests from promoters, staff or online.

Know who wants to attend your event on a real time basis. Automated notification keep staff informed of their arrival and seating.

Shortening the length of time it takes for the client to be seated and served, creates a better experience.

Detailed Reports

The ability to check reports before the event begins, during and after. This will allow you as a operator to capitalize on the success of the event by seeing how much interest there is before the event starts. Being able to see real time reports during the venues operation opens up all the lines of communicate between all staff and promoters. Reconcile your past events by looking into who has preformed well and who fell short. This will help you understand your business more and more being able to spot trends and reward employees. Real time detailed reports is a must for every businesses success.

  • Detailed Staff and Promoter Performance Report
  • Overall Event Overview
  • Track trends
  • Post Event Client followups


Improve your carbon footprint by using the ticketing feature of Alfiee. No more counting paper tickets, when reconciling. All tickets and passes will be sent as a digital ticket to be scanned at the time of entry. Once the ticket is scanned by Alfiee, the door host can mark number arrived and number of complimentary tickets given and notifies the appropriate staff and keeping updated total comps and entries per group in real time.


Schedule and notify your staff easily and efficiently. Just place them in the positions required for the event and click notify.

They will receive a digital notification instantly and will be reminded on the day they are scheduled to work. Schedule changes can be requested by staff through the same app.