Event management software for Planners

Planning an event has never been an easy task. It’s a tedious process that takes a tremendous amount of time and effort, and it’s stressful, and if it’s part of your profession and you’re faced with it every day, you definitely shouldn’t do it manually. For such cases, there are special software programs that can help you organize and pile up your entire work process, save time and nerves and finally avoid confusion. In this article, we will consider the best programs for event planning and tell you about their features.

Eventbrite Review

Eventbrite is one of the most popular event ticketing programs to help sell tickets for events of all sizes.

The system is extremely flexible and customizable, which you can use for both sending confirmations and text reminders via email.

Users can sign up for the app either via phone or web browser.

However, for some event organizers, the cost of its services may seem a bit expensive, as the program charges an additional 3.5% commission on the ticket price.

Whova Review

Whova’s software has many positive reviews and has been awarded as the most versatile event management software. The program boasts being the only such program in the G2 top 100 software companies.

Whova uses just one system to help you create and manage different types of events (virtual, in-person, hybrid), for example:

-Use the program to register events and event websites

-Have live and video conferencing with a virtual conferencing platform

-Capture attendees through an event app

-Create name badges for event attendees and register them, and much more.

With all the features, the program is still affordable and very convenient, including for mobile use. The program is very popular both in the U.S. and other countries and is very highly rated compared to other similar applications.

ConfTool Overview

ConfTool is a program for exchanging research papers between authors and clients. It has extensive import and export settings built-in, making communication between the two parties much easier by customizing the submission and review forms.

Based on your needs, you can decide for yourself which plan suits you best: a plan for small or large events. ConfTool also provides tools for scheduling, registration management, and billing.

Boomset Review

Boomset focuses on tracking event attendance activity and allows you to create, register, and print badges and control your guest list. A key feature of Boomset is the ability to track the location of guests via RFID-enabled wristbands.

These wristbands can be used by guests to make purchases at the event. Boomset is suitable for users who want to add a quick check-in tool to their list of features.

Trello Overview

Trello helps you visualize your task and navigate faster by marking all your done and undone tasks on a special virtual whiteboard. The control panel of the program is very handy and simple, but it still contains important tools, including collaboration tools.

The only hitch is that Trello was not created specifically for event management, but it can serve as some kind of alternative. This program is well suited for tracking progress while working, but it lacks important features that will help you view the result of your work from all angles.